Sea to Sky Gondola

We are in Vancouver for a few days and have often contemplated a visit to the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish. It is a 45 minute drive north of Vancouver and very easy to access from the highway. Thursday was the day and despite a somewhat gloomy forecast we proceeded. We had overcast skies but no wind so it was quite pleasant as we arrived at the top. The gondola takes you 850 meters (1900 ft) above Squamish. At first glance it was obvious this was a tourist attraction as we arrived at the same time as a bus group armed with selfie sticks and cell phones ready to capture the surroundings. This will always be a dilemma and something we have to decide if we want to get used to or try to avoid in future travels. If access is easy you will inevitably run into crowds. Perhaps because we have been accustomed to mountains living in BC for the past 21 years it was not as impressive as I had imagined. 

We wandered around for about an hour and a half and for us, the further removed from the summit gondola the better the experience became. Many of the views were quite impressive. The facility is top notch so perhaps it is unfair to be so critical. We are testing and trimming our travel gear, bags and camera gear and although this was a very easy hike the consensus is; we need to do more trimming.