Henk, Jorg, Sally and Will had only enjoyed a few days of freedom when Leighton invited them for lunch after church on Sunday. We had heard about the case from Leighton and Sharon as they have provided ongoing support, through their church, to the accused during their ordeal and time spent in prison here in Hong Kong. We met Henk, Jorg, Sally and Will as we filled two taxis to head to the Hong Kong Football Club. It was immediately evident the air was filled with a sense of relief and despite the fact we had just met, it was remarkably easy to strike a conversation. Henk and I spoke a bit of German and he told me about the origin of his name. Sally told us about the hard times in prison and Jorg right way put his arm around me and invited us to Australia for a visit. The lunch at the Football club was excellent. The gentlemen ordered hot meals and celebrated with a beer as they had only had cold food while in prison. Their body language showed relief and joy; but you could also sense pauses where they seemed almost in disbelief that it was over now. It was a moving experience for us to witness and we wish them all the best in the future.