Waking up in Hong Kong

First Day in Hong Kong

First day ever in Asia. Everything is new. New sights, new sounds, new smells and new things to feast your eye on... I'm giddy...

We joined Sharon and Leighton for church on Sunday morning followed by a wonderful dim sum lunch with their friends Alison, Hannah, Andreas, Ching Ching, Janette, Patrick and Dan. This is a traditional Sunday lunch for many. I could not tell you what the dishes were called but it was all very delicious - even the fish Leighton! 

After lunch everyone felt like a nap. It was a late night with the World Cup rugby final and we were feeling the jet lag at this point. Instead we signed up for Sharon's boot camp and went on a three hour hike around the Peak and up High West. It usually takes Sharon 1 hour to complete but what can I say, it takes a bit longer when the camera is involved. It was exactly the right thing to do. A nap would probably have ruined our sleep pattern completely. The hike presented plenty of views of the city and from High West the view toward the ocean was superb. Sharon pointed out many of the sites and highlights we will be exploring over the next 3 weeks. So glad we have chosen to slow down and take it all in.