Lamma Island

Thanks to Di's research, getting to the ferry was a breeze. We are getting better at navigating the city. The weather was gorgeous and we were excited for our 45 minute ride across to Lamma Island. Being on the water around Hong Kong was an adventure in itself. There is so much traffic from container ships, ferries, cargo ships and smaller vessels. At High West we passed right by an APL container ship. We have been admiring countless container ships from a distance at the peak so it was interesting to see one so close. The sheer number of ships is a sure sign that this is an important gateway to south east China.  

There are no cars on Lamma Island and you immediately feel the change of pace when you step off the ferry in Yung Shue Wan. We were on an early ferry and wandered around town for while, had a coffee at a cozy cafe' and bought extra water and a loaf of bread for our hike. The plan was to hike from Yung Shue Wan on the north end of the island and take the ferry home from Sok Kwu Wan, located on the East side about mid island. The quietness was a nice change from the bustling city. We could hear birds chirping and only small construction scooter/cargo transport wagons would occasionally interrupt the peaceful, quiet morning. 

After just 2km we came to Hung Shing Ye beach and went for a quick swim. A lady on the bus had warned us that it was probably too cold to go swimming, but the water was really warm and yet refreshing. It was a sunny day, 30 degrees, but coming from the dry Okanagan we are still getting used to the humidity here. Normally, this hike would not be strenuous, but with the heat and humidity we were drenched in sweat. The trail provided great views of the ocean and surrounding hills.

Sok Kwu Wan is a cozy fishing village and the waterfront is lined with restaurants. The Rainbow Seafood Restaurant was recommended to us by Sharon. We were starving so we got a table and ordered. The food was great and I finally got to try a "Blue Girl Pilsener". Funny how beer tastes so much better after a good workout. Lamma Island was a worthwhile stop as we got to experience a quieter side of the region.