Western Market & Central

We got back to the city from Lamma Island and decided to do the second half of a walking tour we had started but hadn't complete in our first week. Our legs were a bit tired but the thirst to see as much as possible kept us moving. Realizing our trip was nearing the end was perhaps the catalyst as well as a case of FOMO. I had never heard of FOMO until a few weeks ago. FOMO is the Fear of Missing Out in case you missed it too. 

We started out late afternoon and headed towards the Western Market. This is my favourite time of day for photography and I soon found out I liked these markets. The light rarely hit the street but soft pleasing rays bounced from one building to the next. I was amazed at the level of activity with trucks being emptied, warehouses being filled, empty boxes wheeled away on trolleys and shelves neatly stocked with everything from shark fins to nuts and dried pork.

As we got closer to Central the neon lights and billboards took over and the area had a real downtown metropolis feel. Our legs were quite happy when we hopped on the bus at Central and 15 minutes later we were back at The Peak. Great adventure today. This is what travel is all about.