Stanley & Farewell Dinner

The photo above shows the view from our bedroom at Sharon and Leighton's at The Peak. After waking up to this view for almost three weeks we decided it was time to explore this particular area. The destination for the day was Stanley. On the upper deck and in the front seat of bus number 6X we had the best possible view. A tunnel cuts through the mountain and moments after leaving the city we were driving along the coast with gorgeous coves and quite a few apartment developments. We later found out these apartment are very pricey. 

We strolled along the waterfront at Stanley, saw the pier and Di bought a nice sun dress. At a small pub, the Denmark - Sweden soccer game was playing but I already knew the results so we moved right along :(

Stanley has its own bustling market. While Di loved it, I must will admit that it wasn't for me. This was a gift / merchandise market and I was not in Hong Kong to shop. Bus load after bus load of tourists were dropped off at this market so it was very busy.

At Stanley Beach we dipped our toes in the ocean. We had not brought our bathing suits but could easily have gone for a cooling dip. After a short search, we found a great little locals spot for our lunch and were quickly re-energized.  

Ruth, Sharon and Leighton had arranged a farewell dinner for Jorg and us. Jorg was leaving for Thailand the next morning and we would be leaving the on Friday. It was a great dinner at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co. Restaurant at The Peak with Jorg, Ruth, Jeff, Meei, Sharon and Leighton.