Photo Scavenger Hunt

A family tradition we started a few years ago was to give each family member one homemade gift. My gift from Emma this year was a "Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt", which was to take place in downtown Victoria. I had to draw names for the teams and each team had to photograph 35 Christmas related items within the span of an hour. Di and Emma on one team vs. Mik and I. We were chasing down items such as a giant decorations, a wreath on a door, a polar bear, Rudolph, an elf, a snowman, snowflakes, a gingerbread man, twinkling lights and so on. Mik was at a huge disadvantage as I was somewhat distracted by the first rays of sunshine we had seen in a number of days and staying off topic as you can see by the attached photos. It was a good time for sure and gave us some much needed exercise as well. A Christmas miracle resulted in a tied score of 31.5 points for both teams. We rewarded ourselves with a viewing of the new Star Wars movie. Excellent show.