A Week of Sunshine

The forecast is calling for a week of sunshine. What a great way to wrap up the year. The atmosphere along Cattle Point and Willows Beach was buzzing with activity. Families were out for walks, joggers were adding kilometers to their annual count, dogs running lose and photographers testing their new gear. Or at least one photographer took his new camera for a brisk walk, stuck his nose in the sky and soaked up the sun.

The day ended on a bit of frightening note. At 11:39 PM Emma stormed into our room and yelled; Earthquake!! A magnitude 4.9 earthquake happened just 19K north of Victoria and was felt across Vancouver Island, in Vancouver as far as The Fraser Valley and all the way to Seattle. Emma said it sounded as if someone was running up and down the stairs. No damages have been reported and Di and I slept through the whole thing.