Trinity Valley Aerial Flight

I did an aerial shoot today and it was a perfect day for flying. I met pilot, Jack Renni, at his farm outside Lumby en route to Mabel Lake. Jack warned me right away of his homebuilt small aircraft; it may make me nervous and he asked if I had ever been in a small aircraft before. Jack also noted my slim build and let me know we should fit just fine. I had to leave my camera bag behind - no room. He let me know the plane behaves very differently with more weight added. The plane was indeed tiny at 640 lbs. with an 108 HP engine. It took off in no time and the flight was super smooth.

In the hanger upon return Jack showed me his 1958 Beaver de Havilland. A gorgeous plane he picked up in Newfoundland and flew across the country to his home here in BC. What an adventure!