Ivar and Jeanne

If you haven't heard how we met Ivar and Jeanne, hop over to this post

Ivar and Jeanne invited us for dinner in Esquimalt and had mentioned it would be a good idea if we arrived while we still had daylight. My guess was they lived on the shoreline and this was exactly the case. They had built their home in the View Royal area in 1983 and it was superbly hidden in the cove and as we arrived it felt like an early spring day. Ivar was born in Denmark and emigrated to Canada in the fifties and Jeanne is from the Seattle area.

We had coffee and Christmas treats followed by a wonderful dinner. The highlight of the evening was the lighting of the Christmas tree with live candles. This was custom in my family in Denmark but Emma had never seen this and loved it. We sang Christmas songs/hymns and exchange stories. Thanks Ivar and Jeanne for the invite. We really enjoyed what felt like a one day trip to Denmark.