Camel Farm in Al Ain

We met Andrew's friend Sultan over the weekend and he invited us to come see his uncle's camel farm on the outskirts of Al Ain. We actually drove by the farm last week when we drove to Jabel Hafeet and we were really curious to get a closer look. Sultan's uncle raises camels for racing and we were fortunate to see the young calfs before getting the offer to actually try to ride a 15 year old camel. I think we were all a bit apprehensive but "alas", we went ahead. Inspired by Wilfred Thesiger's monochrome images I will start out with a few images in black and white. Make sure to scroll down to view our amazing riding capabilities. We hope to tie this experience together and watch an actual race in the near future. Apparently we will have to get up early as races start just after dawn. Thanks Sultan for giving us this wonderful experience. 


The Camel Riders