January 3rd started out with a nice sunrise and ended with an even nicer sunset. It is the last day of the Christmas break and we start to realize how many cookies and other goodies we have consumed over the last few weeks. Although Di and I do not have to be on the job Monday morning we still feel the rhythm and a need to sort out more details before we head out. 5050 Travelog is our new job and on this day the obligations stare us in the face. We need to stay fit to do this. We need to eat better foods etc. So while I never really believed in new years resolutions thoughts still creep in as we face another year. How will the travelog unfold? And how will our daily rhythm be in the new year. The Danish consulate replied in an email today that my passport should be here really soon so that is good news. We immediately started looking at tickets but haven't booked yet. Late afternoon, we took a soccer ball down to Cadboro Bay. It was sunny almost all day and as soon as we went outside a blanket of clouds rolled in.