Victoria to Vancouver

Patience is a virtue and we are being tested these days. We spoke with Nina at the Danish Consulate yesterday. She has been super helpful and apologetically let us know that my new passport was not in the weekly diplomatic mail from Copenhagen. We are now anticipating it will arrive next week but there are no guarantees. 

After almost six weeks we left Victoria today. It has been a great holiday season and we have spent many wonderful hours with Emma and Nic. We will absolutely miss them. Emma came along to Vancouver for the weekend so we will enjoy her company for a few more days. A huge thanks goes to our wonderful hosts, Carol and Clair, at our Airbnb where we stayed for the majority of our time in Victoria. If your travels lead you to Victoria, let us know, and we will put you in contact with them. 

The weather here in the Lower Mainland is marvellous these days and today was another sunny day, which made for a beautiful ferry crossing.