Lars was attending a conference in Cambridge on Saturday to promote Ren: The Girl with the Mark as the co-creator, writer and producer of the web series. I strongly encourage you to check it out here. The series (five - 10 minute episodes) has received several awards and it has been enticing to learn about the process from idea to fundraising, filming and beyond. Lars is a very creative individual and has about dozen scripts in the works, including one set in Canada. So if anyone is interested in becoming an executive producer or investing, this is our shameless plug for collaborators.

We kept him company on the drive and explored the historical city core. Cambridge is home to some of the most prestigious and powerful colleges in the world. A myriad of alleys, bridges and paths lead through the surrounding parks and along the river. Not entirely unintentionally, we overlooked a large "Private" sign and gained better access to some of the more intimate corridors, courtyards and the Bridge of Sighs, a covered bridge at St. Johns College. We were surprised at how many people had flocked to Cambridge on this fall day. We escaped some of the crowds walking along The Backs while catching glimpses of those bunting on the river. Turns out it was a convocation weekend and there certainly was a sense of celebration in the air. Our thought provoking observation for the weekend; Cambridge University has been around here for more than eight hundred years. Canada will celebrate 150 years as country next year.