Holy Island

Most of our readers know I am a huge Mark Knopfler fan. The second track on Knopfler's latest album, Tracker, is titled Basil. The chorus goes like this; I'm a jack and a lad - And I'm up for the world - And I've kissed a Gateshead girl. A simple Google search would have expanded on the meaning of the text but it was much more fun to drive through MK's home town, Newcastle, and see Gateshead is a neighbouring town. As we drove through Northumberland, Newcastle and Durham there were several signs and landmarks I recognized from Knopfler tunes. A Knopfler pilgrimage of sorts :)

Our destination for the day was Holy Island. We had to time our visit with the tides and opted for a late afternoon visit to take in the sunset. Droves of people were leaving just as we arrived. School holidays meant hundreds of visitors to the island on this gorgeous fall day. Unfortunately, the sun dipped under the clouds just as we arrived but as we have encountered many times when we go against the flow, it was still rewarding and well worth the effort. Our first stop was the Lindisfarne Priory followed by a walk out to the small castle.

By the time we returned, dusk was upon us and the village was almost deserted. A few anxious moments as we worried about the logistics of dining. There were only two spots open. The first was fully booked for the evening which made for an easy choice. Dinner was tasty and we crossed the causeway back to the mainland in the dark with plenty of time before the tide came in. Our B&B for the evening was a cozy old English farmhouse. Breakfast was stellar and a perfect start to our day before heading off for Edinburgh.