One could say the focus of our journey through the UK has been re-connecting with people with whom we have shared time with in the past and fuelled by a desire to touch base again. First Lars, then Simon and now Jo. We have talked about visiting Jo many times since she spent a summer with us in 1997. Jo came from England to work a ski season at Putnam Station Inn at Silver Star Mountain and stayed on for the summer. She moved in to our basement on Nakiska Drive and we developed a close bond. Jo was very helpful with our kids who were 2 and 7 at the time and we all got along famously. Mik and I visited Jo’s parents in Southern England in 2001 but we had not seen Jo since ’97. 

The scenic route along the coast lead us to Scotland and Edinburgh. We were surprised by the wide streets, green areas and the architecture of the city. As expected, the absolute highlight was seeing Jo again and meeting her husband, Andy, and their two wonderful girls, Eve and Naomi, aged 10 and 6. The girls were absolutely adorable in so many ways and we really enjoyed our chats around the dinner table with the whole family. 

Jo and Naomi had the next day off and led us on a guided hike to the top of Arthur's Seat. This huge green area has a fantastic view of the city and the seas. Naomi was a champ and climbed the hill no problem - oh to have the energy and stamina of a 6 year old. It was extremely windy at the peak so we didn't stay for long. We built up an appetite on the hike and headed straight for the Royal Mile to find a spot for lunch. A peace march was in progress and I took a few documentary photos. After lunch we explored the Royal Mile further and as in most major cities the pride of the country was on display. In Edinburgh; cashmere sweaters and scarfs, kilts and highland clothing, whisky and sterling silver. Walking back to Jo and Andy's apartment through The Meadows Park we agreed we liked this city, the cafes and the sense of it.