Isle of Skye

When 5050 Travelog was in the planning stages in the fall of 2015, we threw ideas about and bookmarked sites we thought we would like to explore. Not necessarily a definite list of this is where we are going but more, wouldn't it be cool if we could see this or do that. The very first site we bookmarked was the Isle of Skye.

Travelling and booking last minute as we do is sometimes a juggling act between cost, convenience and location. We booked two nights at The Skeabost House Hotel near Portree and we lucked out. It ranks right up there with the most memorable places we have stayed during our travels. With only 14 rooms the atmosphere was intimate, welcoming and cozy. The food was phenomenal. Scottish country style at its best. 

I will fall back on a cliché and say the photos in this post will not do the Isle of Skye justice. We tried very hard to just be in the moment, take it all in and appreciate the beautiful surroundings. More than once I said to Di; How do you photograph this place, where do you start? Surprisingly, I was quite content to not have the camera out for every twist and turn. The ever changing terrain was fascinating, the single lane roads an adventure. At times it felt like we were the only tourists in all of Scotland. On day one we went north and made stops at Old Man Storr, Klit Rock and Quiraing. Day two took us west to Dunvegan and Neist Point where we climbed to the top and enjoyed a perfect view of the Atlantic and the shoreline. Although I had to hold tight to Di as she conquered her fear of heights. Luckily she was on her way back down and did not witness my stumble in the rocks. The weather was never really perfect which in a sense was perfect, as we witnessed Isle of Skye in all its rugged and natural splendour.