Rovinj Bike Hike

There is a fjord near Rovinj which bares a name remarkably similar to the name of the body of water near my home town of Lemvig Denmark. Here in Croatia, the fjord is called the Lim Fjord or Limski Fjord. The fjord in my hometown is Limfjorden. According to Wikipedia, neither of them are actually fjords but that may be too technical for this post. Before enjoying the views at the Lim Fjord we hiked / bush wacked our way to a couple of caves hidden in the hills.   

A bike trip around Rovinj wrapped up our week of adventures with Five Element Guesthouse, Marin, Natali, Katie and Christopher. Biking along the perimeter of the city we saw many gems we kind of wished we had explored earlier in the week. All the more reason to come back some day. 

Rovinj was a very pleasant surprise for us. Being part of a creative team at Five Elements Guesthouse made it all the more fun. Thanks everyone for a great week.