Rovinj Kayaking

A definite highlight from our week in Rovinj was our late afternoon / early evening sea kayaking trip to one of the islands off the coast. It was nerve wrecking to bring all my camera gear along. Especially after Katie's kayak flipped 2 minutes in! We did have a dry bag and all the electronic gear - including Katie's iPhone -  was securely stored inside. Once away from the shore and choppy waters, Di and I settled in to a good rhythm and again marvelled at the path we are on. After arriving at the island and a short hike we found at a rocky beach where we could enjoy the late afternoon sun and dive in from the cliffs. The warm salt water was invigorating. Chris kept asking for one more dive as he was filming me from all angles with his Go-Pro. I will make sure to share some footage later as I am sure it is not something to be missed. The shadows were drawing closer as we made our way back to the kayaks and set our for the mainland. As we paddled back to shore we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset. Thanks to Five Elements Guesthouse, Marin and Natali for another unforgettable adventure.