Pula Croatia

Pula is a colourful city, yet I gravitate towards monochrome images in this post. In my humble opinion, historical places such as Pula are more authentic in black and white. At the fear of repeating myself, it feels like a truer representation. I am sure it is linked to my association of history with black and white images. The ancient monuments, the arena and narrow side streets have been around for centuries and we were captivated as we walked around for hours.   

We rented an Airbnb for three nights (see the last image). The location was fantastic. At the top of a set of stairs, leading downtown to cafes, restaurants and historical sites. The apartment wasn't as fantastic but there is truth to the statement, you get what you pay for. The apartment was very, very affordable. The rooms were large enough but the windows were small and for one who seeks natural light it was a struggle. The main living area had no windows at all. A leaky hot water tank, cold water only in the kitchen and an odd humid smell in the outside hallways made it an adventure. When not exploring we did several loads of laundry, caught up on blogging/editing and spent time on future travel plans. London is next and perhaps Ireland/Scotland thereafter; if we are not too cold as we head north again.