The more I work with monochrome images the more I know would have enjoyed living in the early twentieth century. This was affirmed during our visit at the Maison de la Photographie, a photography museum in Marrakech with photos from the first European photographers exploring Morocco. A worthwhile visit with amazing stories and images. The roof top coffee wasn't bad either.

We spent five days in Marrakech trying to find our groove. Meals were good and inexpensive. We frequented the juice stands at Jmaaa el-Fna square and also ventured outside the walled city and found a more modern Morocco than we had seen the first few days. However, the lasting memory will be the narrow streets and alleys of the Medina district with the souks and countless shops with an abundance of food and colourful goods. We took our leave from Morocco, headed for Lisbon via Casablanca, just as thousands of delegates were arriving for the Cop22 climate change conference.