Updated, September 2019.

As you will read below we were obviously disappointed that my camera was stolen in Italy. It did put a dampener on our spirits. An update for you. We did get some of the camera cost covered by insurance and the camera was eventually replaced so we could continue to capture images for the blog.

Rome in point form: 

  • I really do not feel like writing this post

  • Why?

  • My camera was stolen in Rome

  • Yes, you heard me...

  • Nicked in the subway

  • Unbelievable

  • Frustrated, disappointed

  • Photos from day three: Gone

  • 2nd camera lost in 12 months

  • How to bounce back?

  • Buy a third one! Of course!

  • Two great days in Rome pre-theft

  • Touristy stuff and walking tours

  • Awesome host at our B&B

  • Dinners, romantic and delicious

  • Exclusively Italian dishes, of course

  • Ordered tiramisu at every restaurant

  • Did not see the Pope

  • Lots and lots of tourists - Even for November

  • Must be unbearable in July

Let this be a good reminder, how important it is to have insurance while travelling. We are affiliated with World Nomads and at no additional cost, you have the option to support us by using the link we have provided below. Should you sign up, we will receive a small commission.

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