Al Ain Camel Souk

It was a lazy afternoon at the camel souk. We started out just driving the car around a huge suburban livestock market located directly behind the Bawadi Mall in Al Ain. It did not look as if much was going on but I pulled up my socks and decided to get out of the car to capture a few close up shots. 

Then out of nowhere it seemed, a flurry of activity began to unfold. Four or five trucks arrived with camels in the back. Horns were beeping and the dust was kicked up as about 50 men sauntered in from neighbouring stalls to either view or help with the arrival of the new camels. I am sure this scene plays out several times a day but I feel very fortunate that it happened while we were exploring. The camels were not thrilled about being moved around and with their distinctive low growl, voiced their opinion as they were shuffled from truck to stall.