Oman Road Trip

To wrap up our Oman trip I have a few photos from the road. The drive back to Al Ain was surprisingly exotic. Leaving Muscat we had expected a desolate drive with nothing but desert. Much to our surprise we drove though town after town where the white houses and colourful mosques stood in sharp contrast to the harsh mountain landscape. At one point I mentioned to Andrew we were on a real "drivers road". Twenty seconds later we were passed by about a dozen luxury cars; Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porches. It only took a few seconds and they disappeared into the horizon. 

We made a stop in Nizwa and toured the Fort. The view from the tower of the fort was amazing and the fort a cultural and historical gem - a worthwhile stop. Especially if you count in the goodies we picked up at the local bakery to carry us through the rest of the drive. Thanks Andrew for joining us on the adventure to Oman. We are glad we could wrap up our time in the Middle East together with a successful road trip.