Al Ain Palace Museum

In 2001 this former residence of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Narayan opened to the public after a two year renovation period. To give you an idea of size, the palace walls measure 430 meters. As you enter the palace you find yourself in a warm open courtyard with trees and and a well in the centre. The sounds of birds chirping is calming. Very few tourists have found their way to the palace and it feels as if we have the place to ourselves. We meander through the many sitting rooms, coffee rooms and guest rooms and note how cool the rooms feel despite the scorching sun and warm temperatures outside. We imagine how the children must have had a hay day dashing and darting among the many covered walk ways. 

In the grand courtyard a huge desert tent is the centre piece. A similar tent to where the Sheikh would receive guests and elite visitors. We make ourselves comfortable and take a few photos. A family from Oman entered the tent and did various family photos until I offered to take some photos with their cell phones. They loved the idea and right away I had three cell phones in my hand. I asked politely if I would be allowed to take a photo of the family also. The head of the family gave me an approving nod so I snapped a couple of frames. They told us; we must come to Oman. It’s is beautiful there. We are indeed planning a weekend trip to Oman later in the month.