Souq Al Qattara Traditional Dance

We were at the Qattara Cultural Centre a few days ago and vowed to come back when the market was open and to see the traditional dance. 

Hospitality tables were set up around the courtyard and representatives from the cultural and tourism board welcomed us with dates, arabic coffee and a traditional desert. A pretty serious sound system was set up for the show and we were surprised to hear the music selection with thumping beats and a steady groove. Check the sound sample above. Two young boys joined in the fun and were dancing along to the beat. They were juggling their toy riffles, throwing them in the air and doing their best to catch them again. The anti gun part in me was a bit reluctant to take a liking to this display but I told myself, this is tradition here and remembering the many sheikh portraits over the last couple of weeks you see them with their riffles. A necessary tool trying to survive in the desert. The boys spotted my camera quickly and were very much aware of me being there and you could see extra concentration was put into the manoeuvres. 

We also sampled the local food which was introduced to us by a former Emirati general, who told us he had visited Ottawa and had skated the Rideau Canal in the bitter cold. After sampling the cabbage rolls and and the delicious “balls”, which I do not know them name of, we decided to make this our dinner.