Toulouse or not Toulouse

Sorry. I couldn't resist the cheeky head line...

When we first arrived by plane to Toulouse a couple of weeks ago we took the airport shuttle to the main bus station. Directly thereafter we hopped on another bus to Boulogne Sur Gesse. There was really nothing that stood out or made us want to return. However, on Patrick and Marie's recommendation we made Toulouse our first weekend destination. The first day poured rain, but on the second day Toulouse redeemed itself. So in short... Toulouse or not Toulouse... Go for it if you get the chance. 

On Wednesday we felt the first signs of spring and it made all the difference. Our first stop was at the Victor Hugo Market. An indoor market with butcher shops, fish market, various bakeries and coffee shops / bars. Gentlemen were enjoying a morning brew while reading the paper, people were examining the meticulously laid out food items and a swarm of staff did an excellent  job of preparing for the day ahead. Everything smelled fresh and if we had lived here we could easily have spent a small fortune on cheeses, red wine, meats and bakery goods. We did grab a croissant and coffee from a friendly vendor. We practised our broken French but he spoke way better English so we were able to have a nice conversation. 

A pleasant walk through the city eventually led us to our cultural items for the day, the Jardin de Plantes, a World War One memorial and the Cath√©drale Saint-√Čtienne. We also managed to squeeze another couple of cafes into our busy schedule before taking the bus back to Boulogne Sur Gesse in the afternoon. I need to mention the bus ride back which was stunningly beautiful in the late afternoon sun. The rolling hills are greener and we could sense warmer days ahead.