To and From Carcassonne

getting there is half the journey

We are learning as we go when it comes to maps and getting around here in Southern France. Getting data on our phone has been a challenge again. Getting the SIM card was a breeze at Orange, the premier French mobile provider. Why not sell the data plan at the Orange store? No, it is better if you go to the supermarket where no one really knows what is the right plan for you. Or go to the tobacco store where they have no clue either and you end up buying airtime for your phone instead of a data plan. Okay this is minor stuff, so we have decided not to sweat it and we did eventually find a solution by stopping at yet another Orange store in Carcassonne. Credit to the guys at this store. They were all very helpful and figured it out for us in less than 45 minutes. This may not have been such an issue if our French was better. We still catch ourselves looking for the English part of all labels on food products at the supermarket as in Canada everything is marked in English and French. In the meantime Di has been resourceful as usual and had downloaded maps to her iPad we can view in detail while offline. We are not quite sure how the location indicator follows us on the map. It is sporadic but it does follow us. We think Google is watching us. 

Enough tech talk. Back to the road. We decided on a loupe route to and from Carcassonne as we do not fancy back tracking on roads already travelled. This sometimes leads to less interesting stretches of flat farmland and other times to gorgeous rolling hills with beautiful scenery. We drove slowly and let other pass. Di was knitting and navigating while I constantly look out for photo ops. We spotted several road bikers out for spring rides and enjoyed lots of sunshine. The highlight of the drive was outside the town of Mazemet where we spotted a medieval village located on the ridge in the distance. 

Stay tuned for more from the City of Carcassonne, the Castle and the Cité de Carcassonne.