Cité de Carcassonne

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the castle in Carcassonne attracts over three million people every year. You can now add us to this count. A small medieval town is hidden behind the double walls and many watch towers. We opted for a self guided audio tour and heard about wars raging here for centuries. Like in today's world, unrest was often caused by various religious beliefs. Once part of the Roman empire, Carcassonne was strategically placed on the French Spanish border.

It was an incredibly windy day and we had a hoot walking along the rampart inside the castle walls holding on to our hats and other belongings. On our first evening in Carcassonne we walked up to the castle and found our way around the maze of pathways and castle walls. The castle is of course lit at night but it was still a spooky feeling navigating it without a map at night. The walls surrounding the castle measure about one kilometre in length. Clear of the wind, we treated ourselves to a three course lunch in the medieval village.