Regnéville-sur-Mer & Coutainville

Our friends through thirty years, Philippe and Dagny, have been to Normandy as often as possible to spend time with family on the coast in Coutainville. We have heard stories and have seen many photos so we made it one of our stops on our road trip from Bologne Sur Gesse to Paris. The region reminds me of my home town and beaches along the Danish North Sea. Thinking about it,  they are really not that far apart. 

The Airbnb we rented in Regnéville-sur-Mer, near Coutainville, was the best place we have rented so far. It was an old style garage completely renovated in French country style. It had a wood fireplace which was roaring for almost two days straight and the house was very well appointed. In a dash against time as those shops open on Sunday close at noon, we picked up groceries on our way there from Mont St. Michel.  We had all our meals in, which was such a treat. At this point in our journey we were craving privacy and rest. Di spent time reading and I caught up on editing and blogging. For the most part we had a glass of wine within reach and when we ran out of baguettes the boulangerie was only a two minute walk up the street. 

The next morning we drove into Coutainville and went straight to the family house and had a nice visit with Huegette. I think she was a bit surprised to see us but welcomed us in for coffee and a nice chat. Di’s French is improving rapidly and my arm movements are getting equally better trying to explain my way in chopped half english/danish/french. I have even had a chance to use german as our airbnb spoke more german than english. 

We walked along the promenade and the beach, explored the town and bought fresh cod for dinner. Again in many ways it reminded me of the Danish coastal towns, quiet and begging for summer to come. You can vividly imagine what it would be like here on a hot summer day when thousands of Parisiennes escape the city to enjoy the beaches.