La Louvre

Dominique had prepared a "Tour de Louvre" for us. It was very helpful as otherwise you can quickly can miss essential pieces of art in this magnificent museum. Last time we were in Paris we skipped the Louvre due to the fear of lineups and the sheer size of it. 

The crowds were there for sure but perhaps not as distracting as we had anticipated. I tried something new. I put in my earbuds in an attempt to tune out the crowds and it actually worked well. It was a stimulating way of blending music and art. Walking around, taking in all the master pieces and listening to music at the same time took it to another level for me.

The Louvre was not just a study of art. It was also a study of people. Almost everyone has a cell phone in hand or digital camera of sorts and are furiously capturing every angle. I wonder how many photos are snapped here daily and how they will clog up hard drives around the world. It is an awe inspiring place and of course I was no different as I had my camera slung around my neck. I was perhaps a bit more relaxed about it than some of the guests who pushed their way by me to get that all important photo.

The highlight of the Louvre is the Mona Lisa. Or at least I think that is what most people expect. For us it was a bit of a disappointment. The painting is very small and unless you elbow your way to the front you will not be seeing it up close and hence, you will miss the details which allegedly makes it a master piece. The crowd's fascination of the painting was however interesting to witness. Luckily there are plenty of other painting to feast your eye on. Our favourites at the Louvre were the grand exhibition halls, the sculptures and the Hammerabi's Code of law scripted into the two meter high basalt stele.