33000 Steps in Paris

We are getting a kick out of tracking our steps on our Apple devices and Monday was a monster day. On our tourist days we are usually over 20.000 steps but records were broken with more than 33.000 steps Monday. 

We got off the metro in Montmartre and climbed the stairs in the rain to Sacré Cœur. The rain made the experience very different than two years prior when we arrived late afternoon on a glorious sunny day. A quick walk by the Moulin Rouge and we powered on toward the Gallery Lafayette. We had planned to have lunch there but found prices too high for our taste. Instead we grabbed a quick sandwich at Paul's. A quick metro stop later and we were ready to face the Louvre. More about the Louvre in a separate post

After the Louvre we moved along into the Latin quarter to find a good spot for dinner. We settled on a spot where no one stood outside trying to persuade us to dine at their restaurant. It was the best choice on this evening. Our waiter, quite a character, managed to smoke six cigarettes while serving us and the entire restaurant dinner.

We stayed in the city till after dark and took the metro to the Eiffel Tower and the Arch de Triumph to take in the sights at night. The Eiffel Tower was magnificent. I think it was close to 11:30 pm when we stumbled into to Do and Cathrine's place.