We arrived to Rocamodour in the middle of a torrential rain storm and went straight to our hotel room and hid for a while. The hotel had a Scandinavian flair to it and was owned by a young couple who had travelled and worked in five star hotels in Paris and other large centres. As they now had young children they were seeking a different lifestyle and had purchased not one but two hotels in his home town - population 500. The tourist traffic from April 1st to November 1st triples the population by mid summer.   

They each ran one of the hotels and it looked like they did everything from check in and greeting guests, to reservations, setting up the breakfast buffet to cleaning the rooms - at least in the shoulder season. Their 2 1/2 and 5 year old daughters are enrolled in small school with 2 teachers and 30 kids aged 3 to15. It is thought provoking to chat with the locals and to see the choices others make to get life to add up.

Feeling like a light dinner we settle on an exotic french blend of oatmeal with lukewarm milk. A couple of days on the road is taking its toll and we have an early night. 

We supported the enthusiastic young hotel owners and opted for the buffet breakfast at the hotel. It was a good breakfast and I persuade Di we need to set money aside for an industrial espresso machines like the one we have seen here and in Prague. You could get a very serious coffee addiction with one of those. 

Rocamodour and the sanctuary are another impressive display of medieval engineering. We are in awe over the willpower it must have taken to build these towns, and so long ago. We ventured down the Chemin des croix, a zig zag path and marvelled once again at how few tourists there are.  A very tranquil feeling set in as the church bells started ringing. The combination of sight and sound gets me every time.  Rocamodour is another pilgrimage site and some 126 miracles are reported to have taken place here. A quasi miracle happened on this day as we successfully hiked back up the hill and saved the 6 Euro elevator fee. We are sorry to admit we have lost most of the training from our hiking guru Sharon in Hong Kong. 

It was a driving day so after our morning excursion through Rocamadour we hop in the Citro├źn and head north west toward Ambroise.

I want to recognize and thank Patrice, Dominique and Ross for all their suggestions to our route and what to see. Awesome recommendations thus far.