Mont St. Michel

Breakfast is included at the Airbnb with our Hirel host so we drink coffee from huge bowls and have baguette with jam while watching French news. 

Today's goal is Mont St. Michel and we aim to arrive at 10 am before the crowds appear. It’s Sunday so the crowds will in large numbers. The parking lots are approximately 2.5 kms away from the site and you bus the rest of the way. The setup is efficient but I struggle a bit with the arrangement as I find it ruins the experience to a certain degree. I feel as if I am getting on a ride at Disney Land. The bus is jam packed but it is actually okay and my Disney phobia disappears as we walk into Mont St. Michel. We find it very Impressive!

Mont St. Michel is another marvel set right on the sea, walls surrounding it and teared sections with the abbey majestically crowning the work at the peak. The views are amazing. With the low tide we saw several group of people walking in the sand below. Some were well prepared with gum boots or wet suit surfing shoes.