Copenhagen Seduction

We have been on the road for six months and have had a tremendous welcome in Copenhagen. The city has been on it's best behaviour. The weather has been extraordinary. Sunny days, not a cloud in the sky and temperatures in the low twenties for almost the entire two weeks. At times it almost felt unreal and everyone has been outside on bicycles, at cafes, in parks or along the coast. 

So what is it about Denmark that is so seducing? The weather certainly has something to do it. Trees and flowers are in bloom, birds chirping in the back yards on a quiet afternoon, the sounds from children playing at an outdoor kindergarten or the familiar smell of a hot dog stand in central Copenhagen. It goes deeper than this. The nuances of a familiar language, the comfort of my brothers company. Diana and I both smile when we hear kids speak Danish. And like anywhere in the world, kids say the darnedest things. We have a suspicion parents address their kids differently here. They have more conversations. We don't remember that as much in Canada but perhaps that is because the conversations are in cars rather than on the street or from passing bicycles. 

Emma shared great news with us this week. She is now officially accepted for an exchange to the University of Copenhagen. She starts in September and if all goes well her boyfriend Nic will join her for a semester or two. So if you know someone who knows someone they will be looking for a furnished rental from September to June. More good news. Mik and his girlfriend Courtney are also coming to Denmark for Christmas. All in all it is safe to say we will be spending more time in Denmark this fall and winter.

The lines are getting blurred. Sometimes it is hard to say what feels more like home. Although we have lived in Canada for the past twenty three years our ties to Denmark are and forever will be strong. Without a traditional home base we have felt at home in many places but at times we also feel slightly lost. Victoria, Vancouver and Vernon in Canada feels like home but Denmark also feels like home. It is confusing. At times we find it hard to be in the moment as you are never really fully invested in the location you are in. By invested I mean, we are not engaged in a traditional working career or social activities like those around us. We do not have a place we can go and fully be ourselves. We opted out. Instead we have chosen to dedicate our time and resources to travel, photography, blogging, keeping and maintaining old relationships with friends and family. 

This blog post is written on the train between Copenhagen and Struer, close to my hometown Lemvig. We are headed home for my aunt Alice’s 65th birthday, to be held in Thyborøn on the Danish West Coast. Our visit is a surprise so hence we are posting after the fact. We plan to spend the next month in Jylland with friends and family. Stay tuned for more stories to come.