The Runaway Photographer

It is always heartwarming to return to my hometown Lemvig, Denmark. As soon as we drove into town a sense of familiarity grew as we glimpsed places we had either worked, lived or visited frequently. Emil who stayed with us in Canada during the 2014/15 winter season picked us up at the train station. We were to stay with Emil and his parents, Birthe and Arne, at the family home just outside of Lemvig in the small town of Bonnet. 

We were in hiding for a few days. We had planned to visit Lemvig in a week or two but my cousin Rine had the wonderful idea to invite us to my aunt Alice's 65th birthday party as surprise guests, so we made a slight adjustment in our plans. The birthday was held last Saturday in Thybor√łn in the picturesque Coast Centre. It was great to see everyone and we shall see some of you again when we return to Lemvig next week. 

Emil and I share a common interest in photography and when we are in the same room we discuss photography gear ad nauseam. He immediately let me know he was on his third drone. A couple of mishaps had taken care of the first two but he was confident the new one was top notch. Of course we had to put it to a test. We (I) brainstormed and came up with a quick "me me me" concept and we ran with it. The background music is a couple of guitar pieces recorded on my iPhone. Check out the video and a few behind the scenes photos below. 

We had a wonderful stay with Emil, Birthe and Arne. Thank you for your hospitality. You have wonderful place in Bonnet you can be very proud of. I am sure we will return for another visit soon.