Serralunga d'Alba

We are catching up on posts from our Montpellier to Paris road trip. This entry takes us back to a couple of fabulous days spent in Serralunga d'Alba Italy about a month ago. Di brilliantly found a newly renovated farmhouse on Airbnb located near Serralunga d'Alba in the Barolo Wine District. It is about 220 kms north east of Cannes where we had stayed the night before.

The Barolo Wine District consists of 11 hilltop villages. We could always see two or three villages depending on where we were. Most of the photos below are snapped from the deck of our Airbnb. 

We got a good vibe in Serralunga d'Alba right from the get go. Our Airbnb host greeted us at the house. Super nice guy and he gave us the low down on the place. Nespresso, fireplace, shower with a view and all. The place was rustic but well appointed and reasonably priced. It was a nice break and with two nights booked we settled in as if the place was our own. Emma and I ventured to town to investigate dinner options and to pick up a few groceries. On the way out of the wine store we heard choir music from the church. We couldn't believe our own ears and our luck. Here we were in this beautiful small village, the streets were deserted and not a sound except the choir. We snuck into the back of the church and listened for a moment or two. Beautiful! 

We also found a quaint little restaurant with had a suitable menu of homemade pastas. When in Italy! We spent two days recharging our travel batteries, sipping local wines, had take-out pizza and caught up on editing and sleep.