Aix en Provence

While on the road or traveling in general we make an infinite number of decisions. Which route to take, how long should we stay, where should we eat, do we even need food, should we skip this town, do we take the toll road or take the scenic route. In hindsight Aix en Provence is perhaps one of those places we could have stayed a bit longer.  

We arrived later afternoon after spending the better part of the day in Nimes. We were debating if we should spend the night here or press on to get closer to Cassis along the coast. Ultimately the decision was made to move on after wandering the streets for about a couple of hours. The town has a strikingly cozy atmosphere with cafes, narrow streets and tiny shops everywhere. However we did not have the best start. We entered a cafe as we were in dire need of a bathroom after our road trip and the public washrooms were closed. We ordered a hot chocolate to go and proceeded to use the facilities, much to the dismay of the cafe owner. He informed us three people could not use the bathroom when you only bought one drink. When giving back change he withheld €0.50 for the added inconvenience. This was not the service we have been used to in other parts of France, where everyone has been friendly and very helpful.