Despite our best intentions to keep on top of everything, we have a backlog of photos and thoughts to share. Be thus advised our blogposts will not always be in chronological order. This blog post for example is from our time in Cannes. We visited mid April and by the time we had reached Cannes we were ready for a rest. Especially Di as her cold was at it's worst. The front desk clerk was superb and with an early check in there was plenty of time for the girls to rest while I did a quick grocery run. We were in no rush and on the hotel's recommendation took the public bus rather than attempt to park in downtown Cannes. The bus was okay but took longer than expected and was quite a bumpy ride. Cannes is indeed flashy with expensive boats and yachts lining the harbourfront. We did not run into any movie stars, but we were also a month early for the Cannes Movie Festival. We found an ice cream parlour along the corniche and went about our business of being tourists in the sun.