Alslev Recharge

It is comforting when you know you can seek refuge at the home of friends and stay as long as needed. Søren and Mette and their wonderful country home in Alslev are a prime example. By the time we reached Alslev, our reserves were depleted. Seven months on the road had taken it’s toll. Sleeping in different beds; relating to new surroundings; the stirring of emotions when reconnecting with friends and family, some we have not seen in years; as well as the constant pressure to plan and coordinate our next move. All of the above had unexpected consequences and we were forced to slow down, recharge and re-evaluate. And that is exactly what we did with Søren, Mette, Emilie, Laura, Sofie, Nikoline, Findus the cat and Karla, the one year old flat coated retriever. Special thanks for our morning wake up call, provided courtesy of Arne, the resident rooster. We spent close to three weeks in this laid back part of Denmark. Alslev is located about a 15 minute drive from Esbjerg, a major harbour on the Danish West Coast.

For the most part, the weather was superb and we enjoyed many of our meals alfresco. We watched movies and soccer games, had stimulating conversation about life, lessons learned and what the future might bring. We did not have all the answers but it sure felt good to have the time to dig deeper and volley ideas, plans and random thoughts back and forth. Thanks guys. 

PS. Laura, I promise we will take your portrait next time.