Something strange is happening with the Danish weather. As a child growing up here, I do not remember so many seemingly endless drop dead gorgeous days. It is the season of midsummer nights and the sun sets around 10:30 pm but it is not really dark until well after 11. We simply forgot how peaceful and tranquil it is with the evening light and the birds chirping well into the evening and then again bright and early in the morning. 

We spent a few days in the beginning of June with our very good friends of almost 30 years, Hanne, Jesper and Emma in Hjortshøj near Aarhus. Hanne and Jesper were our neighbours when we lived in Hjelmensgade from '88 to '93.  On the weekend we had a idyllic picnic lunch in the park near Moesgaard Museum. The annual "Around Aarhus" road bike race was on and the sports shooter in me could not resist. We toured an exciting and new part of Aarhus in the sprawling harbour area with funky modern apartment designs, and a man-made beach bar with volleyball courts. 

I had the pleasure of meeting photographer Jonas Rask while in town. We grabbed a coffee in the centre of Aarhus and had a great chat about gear, shooting styles and life in general. I have had many online chats with Jonas over the last 2-3 years so it was nice to meet face to face. 

Bare with me with the mix of colour and monochrome images. Sometimes, I simply process the photos the way I prefer them.