Esbjerg - Fanø

While in Alslev, I was lucky to have Søren as my personal guide for a tour of the Esbjerg harbour and the world largest windmills. Søren is an Associate Professor at the Esbjerg Fisheries and Maritime Museum. If you had to pick a guy to take you on a tour, he is the guy. I do not think you could find anyone more knowledgeable. 

The two windmills are located south of the harbour and are over 200 meters tall. Each wing measures 83 meters. An impressive sight. It is difficult to show the sheer size through a photograph. The sound of the swoosh as the wings rotated was captivating.  Check out the short video below the photos. Esbjerg, once the largest fishing town in Denmark, is now a bustling harbour providing services for the oil and gas industry and windmill parks on the North Sea. 

If you take the 12 minute ferry across to the island of Fanø the scene is quite different. This quiet and cozy island feels far removed, yet is close to mainland Denmark. We were on a double date with good friends Søren and Mette and perhaps we should have listened to Søren and made a dinner reservation. After several attempts at various restaurants we gave up and ran to catch the ferry back to Esbjerg. The restaurant Hav og Bøf (Sea and Beef) in the old harbour buildings was exactly what we were looking for. The food was amazing as was the service and atmosphere. A wonderful evening to conclude our visit with Søren and Mette in Alslev/Esbjerg.