Rest easy, you are not imagining things; we have arrived in Canada and will be here for the next two months. However, as seems to be the case lately, we are quite behind with our blog posts. Time to catch up. 

We spent June 12-21 in my hometown of Lemvig, Denmark. I am surprised at the extent of the mixed feelings I experience when we visit. On one hand I am thrilled to see familiar places, friends and family again. Yet each visit induces a somber reflective mood with memories of my parents and times gone by so long ago the details are fading. Perhaps it is an unavoidable consequence of aging. 

On this visit, the town of Lemvig, the country side surrounding it and the beaches along the West Coast were more beautiful than ever. We have deliberately slowed down our pace and we took the time to appreciate the beauty of the landscape, the fields and the colours on a late evening by the North Sea.

We reconnected with old friends and family members and as usual it was fantastic to see everyone. It would be a mistake to name each one as I will surely forget to mention someone. It was a special week which culminated in the festive high school graduation of Sylvester and Maria. We feel privileged to have been part of their day. 

A huge thanks to Lisbeth for hosting us. Good to see you guys again and thanks for letting us chill. Great conversations, and yes, Maja is the nicest dog in the world :)