Road Trip

My son Mik and I shared a five day road trip last month. The trip took us though Washington State and Oregon. I have already posted photos from the highlights of Crater Lake, Bandon Beach and Cannon Beach. A road trip however is much more than just highlights. This is wrap up post with a few random photos and thoughts on road tripping. After reading the excellent "Road Work" pieces at Kage Collective I am inspired to add my take. 

Mik and I have been talking about going on another road trip ever since our first official road trip seven years ago. We had very few plans as we took our leave from Vancouver and crossed the border. Checking the weather forecast we agreed to head inland for a couple of days. The Oregon Coast weather looked more promising later in the week. The nature and landscapes in Southern Washington State and Oregon were a pleasant surprise. Rolling hills and the Cascade Mountains. We drove until we crashed at a budget Motel in The Dalles Oregon. It is easy to travel these days with a smart phone, Google maps and Expedia. How things have changed since our last trip. Seven years ago we were cutting edge with a TomTom GPS. 

We had a short bike ride in Bend Oregon. A wrong turn cut the trip short but that worked out as described in my Crater Lake post. Bandon Beach followed the next day, then Cannon Beach. On our last day we explored Port Stevens and went for another short bike ride in Astoria, WA.

I love the one on one time. No distractions. Just being together. That is what life is really all about. Connection. Playlists were exchanged and Mik had a few podcasts lined up for us. Moderate amounts of junk food were inhaled. I must mention the delicious life saving carrot cake, made by Mik's girlfriend Courtney. I cherish these road trips and vow to do it again before too long.