Bandon Beach

As you may have noticed I have posted several kite photos here, on Facebook and on my Instagram feed. One of the primary goals of my road trip with Mik was to fly his kites along the Oregon Coast. Mik's enthusiasm for kites was ignited seven years ago on a similar road trip to San Francisco and up the Oregon Coast. He simply asked - should we buy a kite? His interest and collection of kites has grown over the years. He hangs on to the smaller kites as they are still fun to fly when the winds are calmer. The newest kite is a powerful thing; a Prism tensor 5.0. To give you an idea of size, this kite has a wing span of 440 cm and sail area of 5 sq. meters. At moderete to strong winds this kite will lift a full grown man off the ground for 2-3 seconds. It takes a huge amount of energy to fly and Mik witnessed first hand how it will pull you all over the beach. A gusty day at Bandon Beach was a perfect spot for the first flight.