Crater Lake

Road trips are wonderfully unpredictable. You plan something in the morning and a wrong turn or delay forces you to adjust. Our bike ride in Bend was cut short as a result of a wrong turn. However, this then allowed time to visit Crater Lake on the same day and arrive during the golden hour. Brilliant move. Arriving at Crater Lake was a wow moment which will stick with us forever. A volcano, which collapsed more than seven thousand years ago; we marvelled for a moment as we pondered the immense powers at play. At 594m deep Crater Lake is the deepest Lake in The United States. The water was deep blue and mirror-like. A nearby forest fire sent smoke in our direction but it drifted mostly west or south of the crater. Mik captured some awesome 360 shots with his iPhone and I went nuts shooting from all angles. If you ever find yourself in South West Oregon make sure to plan a stop.