This past week I found myself at Photokina 2016 with Emil and Mads. For those who are not photography geeks, Photokina is the world's largest photography exhibit held in Cologne Germany every second year. The exhibit is massive and can be overwhelming at times. We had two days to walk the halls, examine the wares and take in the atmosphere. A bee hive of activity, a Disneyland for photographers; suits, pros and enthusiasts mull about with a tad of manic urgency. 

Emil took his apprenticeship in a photography store, is an avid photographer and has of late been getting serious about drone photography. Mads is a professional photographer based in my home town of Lemvig Denmark. Believe it or not, we discussed gear and photography from early morning to late evening and were never bored. Thanks gentlemen. It was a real pleasure. 

Attending Photokina also provided the opportunity to finally meet my photography friend Patrick La Roque face to face. Patrick and I have been corresponding online for a number of years, pre Fuji gear actually. It was rewarding to connect in person and we escaped the exhibit halls for a nice lunch with one of his contacts, Magnus, a local film and TV writer. 

On our last night in Köln, our spirits were elevated perhaps aided by one or two Kölsch. As luck would have it, we bumped into Patrick and several of the Fuji contingent. A quick hi to Jonas, whom I had met earlier this spring and then we were introduced to Palle Schulz,  Bert Stephani and Zach Arias. An all-star cast of X-Photographers. Last but not least Patrick introduced the head designer for the Fujifilm X-series cameras, Masasumi Imai. A serendipitous end to the conference; sharing a drink and conversing over a range of topics, from music to motor bikes and of course the one passion we all share - cameras.