Days Fly By

The days have flown by in Hong Kong. We have already been here for two weeks and intend to stay a bit longer. Di has had a persistent cough and she was under the weather again last week. Thus, we have decided to stay put, in rest and recovery mode, until the end of the month and postpone any decisions regarding our next moves. Bali and other South East Asia destinations may be in the cards but we may also come up with something completely different. A special thank you to our wonderful and generous friends Sharon and Leighton.

The air has finally cleared here in Hong Kong and the twenty degrees and sunshine are sheer luxury. We have set some day trips and are otherwise working away in the apartment at The Peak. 

Sharon and Janette are in the final stages of a year long project to write a book and we have been doing our little bit to help finish the project. Di has been proof reading and helping with Word issues. I have been assisting with the cover layout. Four laptops around the dining table and it feels like a small production company. I have also been working on my site and have added a travel section. Still more work to be done. 

I kept myself busy, ignoring the US inauguration, by researching all of the new camera gear announced on Jan 19th. Where to start. First, Leica dished out a new M10 with a lighter and more compact body. They took away the video capability but the price is still a whopping $8,469.00 CND. Tempting but sorry Leica, I just cannot bring myself to pay that kind of cash although the published sample images taken with the $7,210.00 35mm Summilux 35mm f/1.4 do look very nice.

Fuji had a number of announcements. The improvements to the X100 look encouraging and at $1,700.00, the camera is waaay more reasonable although the price has gone up compared to the outgoing model. Check out a couple of great reviews from Patrick LaRoque and Jonas Rask. Of interest to me, Fuji also released a new XF 50mm f/2 R WR lens. This would fit nicely into my kit. 

Last but not least Fujifilm released a new medium format camera (large sensor). The GFX 50S. This is an interesting camera and I will be watching closely as more reviews and RAW sample images trickle in. Again a link to Jonas' take on the GFX for like minded gear-heads out there.

As tempting as all the new cameras are, I really appreciate my choice of travel camera, the Fujifilm X-Pro2. It is compact, produces wonderful files and works really well in a variety of settings. With that I will leave you with images shot over the last week here in Hong Kong.