Train to Guilin

We said our goodbyes with Sharon. We missed Leighton's return from Canada by about an hour. Catch you on the flip side.

The train leaves the Hung Hom station at a slow pace. There is barely a sound as it moves through the concrete jungle. Are we in China yet? Country number 22 on our adventure. Looking out the window the infrastructure is impressive to say the least. Highways under construction, apartment buildings, giant billboards, concrete blocks to be assembled into busy highways. Tall electrical masts, metal structures containing who knows what, communication towers, banks, monster size malls, hotels, more high rises. It goes on and on. 

We are on the first leg of our train journey to Guilin. First stop Guangzhou. A two hour trip. I studied the map before we left and it pretty much meets expectations. It is almost one endless city. Guangzhou, the third largest in China, is a monster of a city and I believe the population is approximately 11 million. The person who cleans the windows of the train must have had the day off. A thick layer of dust makes for a murky view. The landscape opens up and urban gardens jump out of nowhere turning into larger fields. Hundreds of apartment buildings again, each with about 50 floors. The construction cranes signals booming urban sprawl. 

We arrive in Guangzhou East and do not have much time to spare. We line up for metro tickets and end up buying a day pass to avoid another long line up. A small investment bought us a bit of time. Man this place is busy. People everywhere. We find our way no problem as we take the metro to Guangzhou South where the high speed train awaits us. Another huge train station. I think the largest we have ever seen and with great efficiency the place is like an anthill. We grab lunch and a coffee and we are on our way again. Cruising speed is 242 kms per hour and the scenery changes to fields, then rolling hills and mountain passes. Di won the scrabble game. Again.