We relax in the morning atmosphere at our hostel with yogurt, musli and coffee. Everyone speaks English and the western music playlist in the lobby is carefully selected and much appreciated. The hostel owner has an eye for detail and we feel at ease.

We have one more day in Guilin and head out on foot to explore. The centre is very touristy. Guilin is a popular destination, especially for the Chinese. At the night market and throughout the commercial districts every trick in the book is used to lure customers in. 

In order to avoid the lineup when we head for Nanning on Thursday, we decide to go to the main train station to pick up our tickets. We only felt slightly guilty of our extended late afternoon break at Starbucks. Time for some blogging, a good coffee and a dose of familiarity. 

The warmth of the afternoon heat is invigorating as we detour through a modern market constructed as a replica of the original town buildings. We walk back to the hostel along the the Li River. The evening was spent at the hostel relaxing, planning and blogging. Wi-fi is not impossible but more so a challenge here in China. Amazing how we have come to rely it for our every move.